In general, not all hair care products are equal in effectiveness and ingredients. Each product has a specific task for it and is used for a specific thing, for example, some products remain effective longer than others, it depends on your hair type.
We offer you a great hair care solution that you can follow from today until you stop hair loss with the right products.
We at Benton Smooth offer you a complete natural care set to get rid of all hair problems such as hair loss, puffiness, wrinkles and others

1- Wash your hair with Pinton Shampoo PH 5.5

If your hair is prone to breakage when styling, you should look for shampoos that give weak strands enough strength to prevent breakage. And with Benton Smooth PH 5.5 Shampoo, you'll get more than good, as it deeply cleanses your hair and scalp, increasing your hair's strength and resistance to styling damage and stress.

2- Moisturize your hair to get hydrated strands with Pinton Hair Conditioner PH 5.5

 Hair conditioner is a moisturizer that gives you the benefits of a full mask If your hair already suffers from superficial damage from styling, the PH 5.5 conditioner is the perfect solution. Apply it after shampooing your hair starting from the ends to the roots, let your hair absorb all the nutrients and health in it, then rinse, and you will have perfect protection.

3- Protect and strengthen your hair with Pinton Hair Mask

Why keep using the old, outdated sticky hair oils when the best for your hair now comes in a product that smells good? Here is a hair mask that does not cause you any problems, but rather makes your hair healthy and strong.

The Pinton Hair Mask from Benton Smooth will not only leave your hair smooth, but it will also act as a protective layer that protects the hair strands when styling and makes them more resistant to external damage.

You can now get softer, shinier hair while protecting it from falling out with this wonderful solution specially made for you from Benton Smooth.

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