The steps for straightening hair with protein go through the following stages:

Washing and drying stage:

The hair must be cleaned well before applying the protein using the protein shampoo, which is characterized by its ability to lighten the hair pores; To increase the hair’s ability to receive treatment, it is worth noting that this shampoo does not pull keratin from the hair, and after washing the hair, it is dried with a towel as a first step, and then with a blow-dry; Until the hair is completely dry.

Sectioning stage:

The hair is divided into tufts ranging from four to six parts, according to the density and length of the hair; to facilitate the next step.

Protein Distribution Phase:

The protein is distributed on the hair using a dye brush, and the hair is combed with the comb several times until the hair absorbs the protein completely, and the distribution of protein on the hair is very similar to the distribution of the dye, and it can be ensured that the protein does not contain formalin from its smell, this substance has a strong smell, and often What causes tears in the eyes?

Rolling stage:

After finishing the protein on the hair, it is wrapped and covered with a plastic cap well, and this step is not present in the method of straightening the hair using keratin.

Protein evaporation stage:

This stage is one of the most important stages of hair straightening using protein; This is because the success of this process is highly dependent on it, and this stage is also called procap, and is very similar to the method of thermal bonnet, but differs from it in the absence of heat, and during this stage the hair and its pores absorb protein materials.

The second stage of drying hair:

After rubbing the brocap, the hair is completely dried using a blow-dry.

Ironing stage:

This step is also one of the most important steps for straightening the hair with protein. Where the hair is divided into small and thin groups, so that the hair is completely covered with heat and protein, and during this stage the pain of pulling the hair must be tolerated.

washing stage:

After an hour, the hair is cleaned using shampoo and conditioner.

How long is the effectiveness of protein hair treatment?

It should be noted that the protein is suitable for all types of hair, whether oily, dry or normal, and also suitable for dyed hair, and the effect of the protein remains on the hair for a period ranging from eight months to a year.