Protein is the best treatment for dry and brittle hair

In order to be able to nourish your hair with protein and reach the desired goal, you may find it difficult to follow a diet that provides your body and hair at the same time for the sufficient amount that you may need, so it is preferable to adopt external treatments

Here comes the role of factory therapy

By straightening the hair with protein and delivering the amino acids and materials used in straightening the hair and fixing it to the hair, the result will be straightening the hair according to its type and nature with a rate of between 70 and 100% of the quality for a period of 3 or 6 months, and with frills and care that may reach 8 months.

The treatment depends on the delivery of a number of amino acids such as keratin, arginine and other hair compounds that may be lost, in addition to the properties of collagen and silicone that help to straighten hair perfectly. Of the elements such as silicone and argan oil, which works to nourish and wrap the hair.

Protein hair straightening benefits

Protein hair treatment is the ideal treatment for damaged, dry, or even chemically treated hair. For healthy hair, it does not need any type of additional protein treatment, but in this case it is possible to benefit from topical protein styling products.

Protein is often used to achieve the following benefits:

Improve the appearance of dry and damaged hair.

Smoothing hair shafts.

Add luster.

Minimize frizz.

Its contribution to strengthening the hair to reduce its exposure to fragility and breakage.