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05 Aug Protein is the best treatment for dry and brittle hair
Pinton 0 15292
Protein is the best treatment for dry and brittle hairIn order to be able to nourish your hair with protein and reach the desired goal, you may find it difficult to follow a diet that provides your body and hair at the same time for the sufficient amount that you may need, so it is preferable to ado..
28 Jul What are the causes of hair loss
Pinton 0 17789
What are the causes of hair lossThere are many causes of hair loss, from changes in diet to chronic diseasesIn addition to genetic factors and menopause,The main causes of hair loss include the following:1- Polycystic ovary syndromeIt affects women and affects the function of the ovaries, and is ass..
01 Sep Protein hair straightening benefits
Pinton 0 14258
Protein hair straightening benefitsProtein hair treatment is the ideal treatment for damaged, dry, or even chemically treated hair. For healthy hair, it does not need any type of additional protein treatment, but in this case it is possible to benefit from topical protein styling products.Protein is..
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